MANAGEMENT of energy consumption and client comfort successfully, is one of the most challenging tasks facing building operators today. Our team of experts can provide you with a total range of energy management products, services and solutions both building owners and managers are looking for.

The objective of most users is to have an integrated automation system where all of the installations can be easily managed, monitored and controlled from the same user terminal. This is where native BACnet® communication shows particular strength.



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Native BACnet® typically means that BACnet® communication has been embedded directly into the device versus requiring a gateway device or software driver to translate to and from a proprietary “language” or protocol. This is a key factor when communicating with multiple vendors products is required.
Systems incorporating native BACnet® devices at all levels provide facility owners and managers with superior system performance and interoperability. BACnet® allows HVAC/R, lighting, life safety, access, security, power, elevator transportation and other building system control devices to become interoperable.

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